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Hackathon FAQ's

1. What is a Hackathon?


A hackathon is basically a weekend of creativity. Experts in one field (usually tech) come together for a weekend of building, coding, and designing to solve a problem.


In this instance, tech folks come together with the reproductive justice community to apply tech tools to further access to abortion. Maybe that means teams build an app for abortion providers. Maybe that means that abortion funds work with teams to customize case management software, specifically for their needs. 


The hackathon weekend builds a prototype or kicks off a project - but rarely is it the end. Projects continue in development with guidance from RJ experts, with the goal or realizing improved abortion access nationwide. 

2. Why Abortion? Many of us are worried abortion access will become increasingly scarce - we can lend our skills, talents and energies to this issue.

3. I'm coming the NYC event. When can I sign up for projects? Check out project ideas pre-event in the Slack channel. Friday night will be the time folks pitch projects, and join teams.

4. I can't stay for the whole weekend. Can I still come? Yes.

5. I signed up to volunteer, but am not sure when I'm scheduled. You can self select a shift in Slack Volunteers channel.

6. All attendees must be registered and bring a photo ID. Please bring your laptop and water bottle.

7. Is this an overnight event? No. The schedule is posted in slack in the FAQ channel.

For more q's, please email


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